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The Badass CEO

The Playbook for Authentic Leadership of Your Life

Welcome To Your Next Level

Mastery Leading and Living an Elevated Life

This is a robust program that walks you through every step in the process of consciously reinventing and creating your life.  This is where you experience the real ROI in working with someone privately to support you in getting where you want to go.  SENSE is also embedded in this program, so you get the full benefit of both programs in The Badass CEO.

This is one of those programs that would be easy to buy as a course online and never finish, not fully understand, or never fully show up, getting minimal results at best.  When you have someone directly supporting you on the journey, your results will always increase exponentially as long as you are all in and committed to making the changes.

If you are ready to lead yourself while being supported at a high level, I invite you to apply here: 

I highly recommend Karla to anyone committed to seeing their cherished vision reach new levels. Karla not only provides tangible and actionable strategies for achieving your goals, but her uplifting approach celebrates each step along your journey. At a time when I had reached a plateau and was feeling frustrated and disappointed in my lack of progress, Karla gave me powerful tools that not only elevated and validated my own work but also served to build hope and a sense of community among those affected by my work. With Karla’s inspirational support and guidance, I have renewed purpose and direction.


Ph.D., Executive Director, Hamilton Wings

Meet Karla

Karla is an entrepreneur, C-suite leader, mentor, and adventurous explorer of personal transformation and development.  She has been a transformative executive leader with experience guiding startups and legacy companies through extraordinary profit growth, market expansion, and brand development.  In these roles, she has been instrumental in taking them from startups to eight-figure global corporations.  

She knows what it takes to lead a successful enterprise.  And leading a successful enterprise often mirrors what it takes to lead and create a successful life.  She has spent decades gathering information and reconciling that alongside her experiences, creating a proven process for transforming and leading your life from a place of peace, wisdom, and authenticity.

For those of you bold enough to think there must be more…

I’m here to prove you right

The individuals I work with are leaders.  They are typically leaders with high emotional intelligence that own their business or serve in executive, or higher level management positions.  If you are part of the core group I am meant to connect with, this part of your journey will be next level.  And because I have been through the process, I recognize the experience you have here is a stepping stone in your larger journey, but it will be a powerful one on your timeline.

If you are here, you likely trust in your ability to create massive change and believe you can experience life is happening for you, not to you. Engagements with me consist of four-figure Intensives and five-figure Programs.

If you are investing in yourself at this level, I know you are serious about doing what it takes to experience this level of transformation. I uphold the highest standards regarding your privacy and confidentiality, and will not leverage your experience to boost revenue.  This is about you and living your best life.

Programs and sessions are consistently limited. If you are thinking about a future engagement, I encourage you to apply now to ensure we can work together in the timing you envision.

Our approach

Step 1

We begin by getting clear and setting intentions to anchor the path forward.  From there, we develop your plan and strategy.

Step 2

We take time to ensure what is chosen aligns with you.  From there, we navigate the journey together as you begin to create and transform.

Your outcomes

Gain more clarity and confidence in your life

Acquire new knowledge and skills adopted in an applied environment, so you understand them deeply for long-term integration and application

Have a sense of more time and freedom in your life

Have templated processes and approaches for transforming and opening to receive more in your life

Life will start opening up to you in ways you never could have imagined


The Badass CEO

6 Months


12 Sessions

12 | 50-minute Zoom Calls held twice a month

Support Between Calls


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