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Next Level Self Care

Find Yourself and Rise Above the Noise

Going beyond manis, pedis, and massages for true transformation

No one is going to do this for you.  This is for those ready to take ownership of truly connecting to and caring for themselves.  To the outside world you appear to have it all together and can take on the world.  The truth is you likely do and can, but it is not giving you the happiness and peace you are looking for.

In this intensive, we work together to revamp your standards and daily lifestyle so it is full, balanced, and healthy.  No more numbing out, living on autopilot, or tolerating things that do not feel good to you.  This program has the tools to lead you to clarity, newfound confidence in who you are and where you want to be, and the peace you are seeking. 

Become that woman.

The woman with that special light in her eyes that exudes confidence and joy for days.

From Karla

This is the intensive I wish someone had created when I was numbed out from overworking.  It took sustaining an injury that forced me to rest in order to get clarity and come to the painful realization that how I was living was not working.  It led me to make significant changes in my business and professional life, but those changes took years to materialize and truly transform my life.  

It didn’t need to take that long.

This intensive is intended to support you in working through what isn’t working before an injury or some other life event forces the dialog.  Or if you have already taken it too far, we can unpack what got you there and what will work for you to course correct and transform your future outcome.  

You can do it in a fraction of the time it took me.

Karla truly has a gift in connecting with nature and helping others use their own intuitiveness to make their own connections. Being open-minded and also keenly focused, Karla brings out your natural problem solving abilities by guiding you in a nurturing and strategic method. I have always felt challenged in thinking outside the box, but trusting Karla’s process allowed me to work through this challenge.  She is authentic and encourages others to be their authentic self by exploring unique ways of dealing with obstacles the individual may be facing all while living up to their highest potential.

Danae Molitor

Yoga & Fitness Instructor

For those of you bold enough to think there must be more…

I’m here to prove you right

The individuals I work with are leaders.  They are typically leaders with high emotional intelligence that own their business or serve in executive, or higher level management positions.  If you are part of the core group I am meant to connect with, this part of your journey will be next level.  And because I have been through the process, I recognize the experience you have here is a stepping stone in your larger journey, but it will be a powerful one on your timeline.

If you are here, you likely trust in your ability to create massive change and believe you can experience life is happening for you, not to you. Engagements with me consist of four-figure Intensives and five-figure Programs.

If you are investing in yourself at this level, I know you are serious about doing what it takes to experience this level of transformation. I uphold the highest standards regarding your privacy and confidentiality, and will not leverage your experience to boost revenue.  This is about you and living your best life.

Programs and sessions are consistently limited. If you are thinking about a future engagement, I encourage you to apply now to ensure we can work together in the timing you envision.

Your outcomes

Recalibrate and redefine your personal standards

Live a daily lifestyle that is full, balanced, and healthy

Stop numbing out, living on autopilot, and tolerating things that do not feel good to you

Get clarity

Find newfound confidence in who you are and where you want to be, and the peace you are looking for

Our approach

We work together over a period of six weeks to see what isn’t working, and introduce new practices and strategies to get you on the other side. This involves 3, 50-minute Zoom calls, and ongoing support using Voxer.


Next Level Self Care

6 weeks

3 Sessions

3 | 50-minute Zoom meetings

Support Between Sessions


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