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Clear the frustration and confusion

Discover what you really want and clear the path to make it a reality.

Identify your true desires and not what you or others think you should want

Uncover what is holding you back from going for it

Clear key physical spaces to free up mental, emotional, and physical energy

Get practical tools for getting and staying clear

Karla guided me to an inner peace and to an incredible level of self-awareness during a time of great stress and turmoil. I didn’t realize how emotionally closed off I had become until she showed me how to open up to experiences I never knew were possible. Through her I found strength and confidence again.

Robin Foster Khayat

Legacy Queen, Mrs. Illinois International

Let’s Get Clear

You have likely spent your entire life doing what has been encouraged if not outright expected of you. Yet you know deep down there are other things you are curious about, interested in, or already know you love but you keep pushing them to the side. It’s time to get clear and be honest with yourself.

We’ll identify these and find what is holding you back.

We all have things in our lives that do nothing more than take up space, yet we hold onto them. This can range from physical objects to mental clutter. 

We will clear out the physical items and mental clutter taking up space so you are open to receive more in all areas of your life.

It doesn’t help to get clear, eliminate things that no longer need to be there, and not have any tools for the long game.

We will work with key practices that you can use to get clear and stay clear as you navigate the transformation journey.

I love to exceed your hopes and expectations in programs I create. We will cover everything above and more!



7 Videos | Estimated Completion Time, 2 Hours

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