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Meet Karla

Karla is an entrepreneur, C-suite leader, mentor, and adventurous explorer of personal transformation and development.  She has been a transformative executive leader with experience guiding startups and legacy companies through extraordinary profit growth, market expansion, and brand development.  In these roles, she has been instrumental in taking them from startups to eight-figure global corporations.  

She knows what it takes to lead a successful enterprise.  Her academic studies span many areas focusing on philosophy, history, psychology, and business, so her thinking is diversified and dynamic.  She understands the importance of processes and systems, ensuring you have the right team, and how to get there.  Strategy and reconciling vision with execution are innate core competencies. 

And while business has played a prominent role in her life, living an inspired life has always been important. While incredibly grounded and fully committed to utilizing the gift of the thinking mind, she also allows intuition and inspiration to have a seat at the table.  In fact, to achieve authentic happiness and peace, she has come to find they are a prerequisite for true success. 

From every person and experience, she continues to learn new things each day and expand her own ideas about what it means to live a full and meaningful life.  The information and tools she shares is to help navigate the challenges we inevitably face in life and business from a place of peace and deep wisdom.  She can do this because she has lived the transformations.  She has been in the space of working 60+ hour weeks, waking at 2am and jotting notes or sending an email, and generally dedicating more time than she would like to admit to what she thought were ongoing duties and obligations.  

She is living proof that you can have both a successful and fulfilling professional life and time for all of the other things you want to experience and create that have seemed out of reach for so long.  Through all of this, she has found it is important to explore your edges, allowing you to tap into your deepest wisdom.  So often, we simply need someone to help us have the courage to see and do things differently.

What Inspires And Empowers Karla

1. Wilderness and Nature

Wilderness makes you better.  Wildlife, bird language, hiking – really anything in the natural world lights me up and instantly connects me to what is important.  The mountains are an amazing teacher and inspiration, and are always home to me.  

2. Mysticism

I question everything and only speak to something when I know it through my own experience.  Exploring the obscure and mysterious are fun for me and open up so many opportunities in my life.  I believe in pushing on the edges of what is possible.

3. Music and Language

Language and music are potent and compelling.  A soul-stirring lyric or quote can inspire me for days. I love it when language can make you feel something that elevates and transforms your life. 


4. Design Aesthetic

Exploring the power of beauty to touch our lives through design is pure joy.  Bringing in elements or making changes to our environment can significantly impact our experience and how we show up on a day-to-day basis.

5. The Sacred

I love finding those rare and precious moments of stillness and silence.  May we all be somewhere uncovering the sacred in the ordinary.  Live life through this lens and your life will be extraordinary.

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